Changes Need to Take Place


I don’t know how much time I have

To continue my chronic illness advocacy

So in the meantime what will be will be

Until I am set free

By an army of doctors working on me

The answer I seek I shall eventually see

I shall become joyous once it reveals itself to me

I will find a solution that suits my lifestyle

What can I do but happily continue along in life

Pleasant as can be, this means a hell of a lot to me

I need to find a solution to my vasculitis

Even if it takes my entire life fighting this

I really appreciate all of you reading my poetry

Chronic illness a very odd subject for this writing

Though I conquer it every day of my life

That’s why I am so successful in life

Helping others is rewarding enough if I ever have a salary

That would be icing on the cake

I just cannot wait to make some change for god’s sake

The medical system needs to change and the patients need to be more ingrained

In this system that is so darn deranged!

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