The Weight Loss Challenge: My Journey from 275lbs to 200lbs


Hey folks yesterday I told you I’d be realizing a monumental goal of mine today and I sure am starting to. We have prepared our deck, paid the $20,000 bill, and are awaiting shipment of our families new TidalFit. They seem to be becoming more and more popular as time goes on just a few weeks ago my mother reported that she’d seen one on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, now I don’t typically watch television like that I’m into documentaries and historical items or trivia. My mother did say that the woman was quite heavy and lost tons of weight utilizing the TidalFit they’d given her. I hope to maintain and improve upon my mobility slowly and gradually with this unique invention.

My goal isn’t just to lose weight though, it’s also to very gradually gain it back. I know you’re saying isn’t that counterintuitive? The answer to that question is no I want to gain back 25lbs in muscle mass to assist me in getting back into shape for my favorite sport that I have ever been involved in natural bodybuilding. Perhaps if my bones aren’t too brittle I’ll even go back to college for my masters and play sports! I just want my body back and to bring it back better than ever inspiring people with rare disease around the world. My ultimate goal after getting back in shape is to compete in the Scottish Highland Games in 2015 here in New York. The events I’d like to compete in for fun are called the the caber toss and the stone put both traditional Scottish feats of strength that are ingrained in my ancestry.

I plan on losing 75 lbs in fat as the title says and gain muscle mass back. I cannot wait to fit into all my older clothing and belts, no longer feeling so obice. Not only that I’ll be bringing back Sutherland clan history by participating in the Highland games wearing their traditional adornments including a rare antique Sgian Dubh I just bought it has a beautiful Topaz Cairngorm stone atop it with a crown setting and nice silverwork on the hilt. Just like me the Scotsmen invested in precious metals not trusting currency so most of their worldly wealth was worn on their person. I find this interesting and am now far more interested in silversmithing as I’d like to create modern day Sgian Dubh and Scottish dirks with .999 silver adornments which would be ornate and I’d also offer to create a silver family crest upon the hilt. Looking around online I haven’t yet found a place to order an old school Sgian Dubh made with a horn or antler handle and a cairngorm stone adorning the top with silver adorning the hilt. Anyways the point is I will be fighting my vasculitis to compete in these games of strength.  I mean the Caber Toss means me getting out of the wheelchair and being strong enough to pick up a 19ft 6in 175lb wooden pole vertically and then tossing it end over end attempting to get the cleanest and straightest falling angle I can in order to try and win. Oddly it isn’t about how far the caber goes but rather how it falls. The second invent the Stone Put involves me tossing a 30 lb or less stone as far as I can and then in some games lifting a well over 100 lb stone onto a wall of sorts. These are thought to be feats of strength and manhood which I fully intend to show off in front of well over 5,000 people here in NY and over 47,000 when I go to Scotlands real Highland Games.

Some might be wondering why did this motivate you to lose weight, honestly it hasn’t I wanted to lose the weight long before I decided to compete in these events. Actually I just decided to go all out and attempt to get back to my former glory and have a musclebound body again capable of amazing feats of strength. I used to lift hundred of pounds on a daily basis, it was my release from the anxiety and pressure brought upon me by college. I was so dedicated I ate plain chicken and fish each meal 6 times every single day with long grain white or brown rice for some carbs to burn throughout my day. I at that time at nearly 6,000 calories a day that’s an enormous amount of food throughout the day. I was only about 13% body fat though and this time around I plan for less, I want that early twenties physique that’s so impressive to others and be able to feel good about the fact that I beat a terminal illness to get there. This is the beginning of how I shall conquer my illness folks I shall become a strong man again one that can throw a 20ft tall tree several yards, one that can lift a few hundred lb stone up onto a wall, and someone who will be admired throughout the world for beating a chronic illness and continually running marathons for donations as I will be walking and then running every single day when I can once again. I just want to help out the world of chronic illness in my own unique way. For me that will be participating in events that prove I am beating my chronic illness and that I am not just someone who’s chronically ill, I’m far more than that, I’m an athlete and author. Someone who is strong as can be yet can  sit down and have an intelligent conversation or write a book if need be. I want to be both educated and strong so that both athletes and scholars will honor my name and possibly donate to my causes.

I hope you will all be rooting for me and I will be sure to take advantage and fundraise with every event I try! Whether I complete them  or not even attempting this will give me hope and strengthen my resolve against this chronic and terminal illness. I think I will surprise a ton of people with my recovery as it will be shocking the change in me. I’ve always risen to the occasion and stood up to challenges throughout my life. When my friends told me I’d never be an actor I joined an audition only group and class in highschool and played a part in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. It wasn’t that I was so interested in the class but more chasing the young women in it though I wasn’t at all the ladies man. In fact I asked two women out but never dated until college. Women didn’t really realize me until I started going to the gym daily and was deadlifting up to 500lb for 3 reps at the school gym. Anyway I fully intend to get back into shape and go back to a waist size of 34 or 32 like I used to be instead of an amazingly large 42 to 44 in size. I cannot believe what prednisone and some of these other medication have done to my body it has been ravaged and I require physical rehabilitation to get back to my former strength. Don’t get me wrong this may take a year or even years but I will keep you all updated once I start on my journey. I intend to go fast and furious either failing in a blaze of glory or achieving victory for all my readers and most importantly myself. Thank you all in advance for your support now lets lose some weight and have some fun while we’re at it! I will post workout routines and meal plans, review fitness apps, and track my progress for everyone. I hope you’re just as inspired as I was this weekend by the Scottish Highland games!

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