A Surge of Pain


Pain surges through my brain

as I’m dehydrated and the IV team seeks a vein

I’m so sick I cannot complain

My life is so lame it’s out of my hands now

It’s as if my best chance is being shipped out for research

I feel as if I’m a baby bird who fell out of its perch

and into the street with tons of cars nearly hitting me

if I will live is doubtful we shall see

I live in a world now shrouded by negativity

All I ask is that you come and help me

for I cannot live life on my own two feet

they’re simply too weak to support the weight of my disability

someone out there please help me before this churg strauss puts me in my grave

no i’m not mentally ill or depraved my life expectancy wanes after 35

so please help me continue to survive

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