It’s My Time

persevere (1)

I constantly have these feelings that I can’t go on

that chronic illness will have me gone

or that I need to quit this game called life

I just won’t put up with that shit in my head

I can tolerate all of it

I am stronger than your average twit

and my mind is still swift

like the wind on the shore

with my dreams I soar

as I continue on my journey

to leave a mystical legacy

both for my family, my fiance, and for me

only time will tell whether or not I succeed

so people just cheer me on as I race to be me

to make a difference and give my people a voice in the form of me

finally my time to be in the spotlight indeed

all of my readers inspire me

especially when they speak up bolstering my spirits

who better to do it than my fans whom I love and cherish

like family I care for them all to death

it feels so great to get these rhymes off my chest

they just flow through my mind

and if I dont write it they simply molest my thoughts

I can’t even think at all

it causes me to drop the ball

not this time though

this time I’m fighting back to get my physical strength

to achieve this feat I will stop at no length!

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