Why do we Have Migraines?

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The human brain is a wondrous thing, so why do we know so little about it. The answer to that is it’s simply too complex and hasn’t been studied enough yet. We do know however that the limited brain function myth about only utilizing 10% or 20% of our brains is false. In fact evidence would show that over a typical day a human uses about 100% of their brain just not all at once. Don’t be embarrassed if you believed that myth it was made prolific and widespread by psychologist and author William James and famous scientist Albert Einstein. Anyone could be fooled by such credible sources though nobody knows where the myth originally emanated from.  What I really want to discuss today is the human brain and why we might get migraines.

There are many theories as to why humans have migraine headaches and why it is so very common especially in females. The explanation I must side with is the one that says migraines are a leftover instinct from our early nomadic history. Just like the organs that remain yet we no longer necessarily need. You cannot live without kidney function or a brain yet removing one’s gallbladder is perfectly normal nowadays. So obviously our brains are in the process of evolving we are yet a link in the chain of our evolving species and our offspring will continue to be more and more evolved than previous generations as they adapt to new tachnologies and certain senses are replaced by new more necessary traits. I believe that migraines were used to warn nomadic people’s of coming storms since they obviously couldn’t turn on a TV r radio and things were that way for many centuries so we “needed” that sense which has now become outdated and been replaced by radio, tv, computers, and smartphones.

I also believe that tension/sinus headaches were a way of noticing illness early a plea from the body for rest and nutrition. Imagine being a nomad and suddenly being hit by a surge of pain just above your nose it’s your bodies primitive way of telling your your sick just one of many alarms our bodies have such as fevers, runny noses, dilated pupils, and so much more. Perhaps one day we will find a new way to sense our illness and maybe even detect what kind it is so that doctors won’t have to work from the ground up they’ll already have a sense of what’s going on.

Anyway those are my thoughts for today I hope you found them interesting. I have many theories about what goes on with our bodies but I am no biologist so I cannot research this myself. I do hope I am right though and that humans will in fact evolve out of some headache disorders and other illnesses. Perhaps then we can truly focus on the rarer illnesses and learn how to cure widespread life threatening illness such as cancer and vasculitis! Thank you for reading and please chime in with a comment let me know what you think about all of this.

2 thoughts on “Why do we Have Migraines?

  1. sounds very feasible As we get older our brains and reactions take longer to function , sometimes i think mine stop, that is why we go to get something and forget what, thanks for note paper.

  2. Things like mental illness and chronic pain make the brain a great mystery and we have miles to go yet before we can sleep. I am curious what we will have learned 100 years from now.

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