Inner battle
Unknown futures
The beautiful mind
Causing the insanity

Constantly worrying
Am I good enough?
Am I doing everything that I can?
What if I do this wrong?

The rejections don’t help
Nor the beautiful love that I have
Fighting for himself

Don’t ask me why
I think this way
I often wish I didn’t
How pitiful

But then you step back
And look at the majesty that is life

You take in what you have
Say to yourself a mantra
I have my love with me
To fall into his arms when I
Feel I can’t save myself
I have my huge family beside me
Pushing me telling me
I was built for greatness

Though at times it can be forgotten
As long as you don’t give up
there will always be salvation.
For you will find it
With the ones that are by your side

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