I Need the A-Team of Rheumatology

My life is on the line

I feel as if my heart could stop beating on a dime

what did I do this time

why do I continue to get sick as I write my articles and rhymes

well this time I shall do something else but cry

I shall revolt against my own body

to do what I want despite the discomfort

I need my rare illness to be discovered via a biopsy

a tissue sample of my vasculitis would be gold to me

unlucky is just what I happen to be

for a proper biopsy we still are waiting

when will someone finally take action already

I don’t feel much I fear I only know pain

it’s the only emotion flowing violently throughout my veins

what can I do to help me from going insane

while I wait for my case to be resolved

or thrown by the wayside again which seems so much more common

its sad I’m a rare patient being investigated by experts in rare disease

yet this case baffles them so much many would rather not see me

so I seek my own “Dr. House” who can solve this mystery

and who outranks the intelligence of a mouse

I’ve had some doctors that are simply rude

and others that just cannot help but blame something else

because of course if they cannot solve it this must not exist

I wish those I speak of weren’t such arrogant pricks.

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