The Damage has been Dealt


What can I do to fill this page

how will I ever quell my rage

is it really time to engage my chronic illness

to take it on violently to say I am sick of this

should I continue my medication regardless

or stop taking them since they aren’t harmless

in fact many medications can deal our damage

that’s if you use them incorrectly or don’t read the passage on the bottle

who knew such tiny pills could cause so many families a real problem

what will it take to get through to them

I need help my medications aren’t working it’s a wild conundrum

how will I keep strong a solve this riddle

I feel like when my parents pass on ill be left in the streets playing a fiddle for coins

what will happen will happen I suppose no need to worry about that which cannot be changed

unless a doctor tries so hard to solve my case that

we can see the veins in his head throbbing with effort

when will I finally escape this intimidating disease

when will I find remission indeed.

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