Make Cash Teaching Others About Chronic Illness


Good evening friends I’ve been back to writing, I’ve had tons of meetings online and by phone, and am waiting on the last tweaks to my website for a New Years launch. I never realized how costly and difficult it might be to start my first business, but at least we don’t have much overhead and that means we will have years to become profitable without it draining my fiance and I’s housing fund or limiting me financially. We’ve been doing quite well with saving so I made a choice and am selling a significant amount of things I own but no longer use on Ebay and Craigslist in order to get SEO and advertising funding for my business. I don’t know how I’ll do but neither does anyone when starting their very first business, I am just hoping my ideas will fly within the community and that these cheap courses and webinars that are far less expensive than traditional lectures will be a big hit with people interested in learning more about how to defeat chronic illness. This will help me achieve one of my life’s goals of making the world more science literate a few patients at a time!

Soon I will be changing the name of our little website to reflect our caring about many conditions other than migraines, I care about many patients and want to reflect that in our names so that more people know I write about other conditions too. We will be open to any and all patients with chronic illness and chronic pain, in fact I am in the process of gathering patients to work for me. My small business is also looking for Registered Nurses, Doctors, Physicians Assistants, and other health professionals for webinars and/or for full on courses it’s your choice. With our business model you’re the controller of your own fate within our business. Unlike most jobs you decide the length of your course, you will provide a short professor bio, you provide a class description, you create the powerpoint presentation to your satisfaction, you set the price, and in doing so YOU decide how much you will make.

Everyone’s payment may be negotiated and we encourage that, however as it stands for new advocates or people without any paid public speaking or teaching experience we will start paying you at approximately 40% of what the class or webinar grosses. For example if you were to fill all 100 seats currently available in our webinars at a meager $5 per class you’d make $200 and $300 would go towards maintaining all of our fees such as webinar hosting fees, accounting fees, legal fees, website hosting. website customization, SEO, advertising, custom graphics, our custom survey subscription, website maintenance, and so much more. The costs for a small business today are unbelievable even with the very little overhead we have compared to other companies. Unlike most companies though I am being straight with all of our potential employees you know what you will make right off the bat and it doesn’t require boatloads of time this is completely feasible for people with chronic illness. My goal here is to create a method of earning extra money from home with your experiences. With this website you will be able to take your story and teach people what you’ve learned from experience, then you will be rewarded for the time you spent gathering people for your class which we will advertise as well, and you will be rewarded for your time spent creating the slides. The classes themselves can be as long or as short as you’d like as little as half an hour in fact. The more effort you put in the more traffic you will see to your classes and the better a reputation you will slowly gain.

This system ensures that the very best teachers get paid the most and that if you have unique ideas and put the time in you will make a good amount. By no means is this meant to replace one’s doctor though, nor is it a replacement for a normal job. At the moment we cannot afford to pay people enough to have them work for us exclusively. This is more aimed at people who are out of a job and who cannot find work that have chronic illness and need something to help them support their medical bills. This is in addition aimed at supplementing the incomes of advocates, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. We aim to teach all we can to patients and eventually we hope to be able to offer continuing education credits to the healthcare industry so that doctors and nurses have more time to spend with their families. We also plan to try and get the endorsements of several foundations so that we can offer certificates and custom certifications to those who pass certain courses namely those that are more scientific taught by doctors and professors at some point.

To get started though I am primarily seeking patients and certified healthcare professionals.This is a prime opportunity for medical students too with confidence in their knowledge of their own field. I hope to hear from some of my readers that are interested in this great opportunity and I should mention the more people you attract the more you will get paid. Those who teach will be evaluated when the staff feels it necessary and can be promoted to a higher payout percentage. Extremely popular speakers who can command a high price per course can earn up to 60%, that’s right you’d be getting the majority of the pay for the course even though we’re providing the platform and many of your viewers! Heck once we start filling classes we can upgrade at any time to a 500-1000 person virtual classroom but for now 100 seats should do the trick. All you need is a webcam and a microphone as well as a copy of microsoft office to create powerpoints which don’t have to be fancy keep them short and simple. We have a virtual classroom set up so you can show your webcam or your screen to viewers. You can also highlight things on your screen, circle important information, and see chat. It’ll work like a real classroom without all the noise and disruption you can mute all of your guests and open their mics for questions later in the lecture or course. I have no doubt that if my readers support me this new educational website for patients will be a huge hit within the medical community! Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful pain free day.

2 thoughts on “Make Cash Teaching Others About Chronic Illness

  1. Wow! this is quite the plan you have created Michael. I don’t really know what to say or how to comment, but I still felt I needed to say something. Very impressive. I wish you only the greatest success with everything you speak of here. I am excited to see how it all plays out. Thank you for sharing.

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