Man’s Best Friend


I am quite sick today so bystanders beware

I don’t want to vomit on anyone that wouldn’t be fair

I feel both hot and cold simultaneously

as if I were being given medication through an IV

However that isn’t the case as you can see

I’m stuck on the couch with my best friend, my puppy

Loca dog brings tons of joy into my life

with all her silly antics

and crazy amount of defensiveness when I am sick

she stands by my side like a stalwart soldier

ready to fight off any incoming attacker

she loves me and I can see it in her eyes this dog understand my illness

and that’s why she cries inside and snuggles up next to me for bed

this dog is truly meant to be my best friend.


4 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend

  1. My guide dog Croche spent more time lying next to me for hours on end when I felt lousy than in harness and doing her job I think. It makes me sad to think about, but she never left my side. that is what she was trained to do and we were best pals. Miss her. Glad you have such a steadfast companion.

    • Aww I hope you have another wonderful companion like Croche too remember all the good times not the sad ones. We had to put down my first dog the one I’d begged and pleaded with my parents to get but she had a terrible case of cancer which we spent a lot of money trying to rid her of. We used to drive her into the city every week for chemotherapy. But let me tell you this we bought that dog two more years of happy living and I think that’s all she cared about. She was just a happy kind sould to be around and so is my new puppy loca. They have such similar personalities around me that I sometimes think Candy sent me this dog or somehow compelled me to pick her.

      I picked loca when she sneezed at me when I said hello to her, my Candy dog used to do that she was a cockapoo and our new pup Loca is a very very active Wheaten Terrier who’s very defensive, yet sweet as can be. I love animals and I always will love dogs. I hope to have one as a friends all throughout my life.

      • I had one of those when I was ten. Croche died of.cancer. So hard to see her suffer. I blamed myself partly for that. Now I have a dog and a cat. I think my cat has pain killer ability because when he walks on my legs it helps a little with the pain.

        • Aww I’m glad you kitty is helpful I I am not a cat person but I’m not afraid of them either. Loca licks my fingers after I type and helps with my swelling with then my CSS flares up she can sense it and licks all the areas that are in agony! Pets are just amazing creatures

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