Spoonie Fall Down…Go Boom


I am certainly a spoonie you all have heard about me use that phrase often, but why is that so significant? It means that I have far less energy than the average human throughout my day. So it’s a true burden upon any spoonie to become injured in addition to their other illnesses, diseases, and/or disabilities. Well yesterday something terrible ruined what was a very enjoyable but already severely painful  and exhausting day for me at the American Museum of Natural History. I injured my leg so badly that I’ve lost what little quality of life I had. I can no longer sleep in my room, I need someone to get me food or drinks, I now need even more help getting dressed, I am confined to my wheelchair, I cannot go up to my room to get some work and tax forms done which someone will likely need to bring my entire desktop set up downstairs so that I can get all of my work done in a quiet room down here where I can access it by wheelchair. It is truly disappointing to be injured  by falling whilst having a suspected virus and still going through a massive churg strauss flare. 

Regardless of the churg strauss flares, vomiting, and bad migraine I agreed to finally go to the American Museum of Natural History again to get my mind off of my health at the very least for a few hours. So we slowly made our way into the city and due to my severe vasculitis which causes mood swings I was getting angry when we got off track for a bit because we’d taken a new route to NYC. I quickly got over that once we reached the 59th St Bridge or Ed Koch Bridge and we quite swiftly made our way to the museum parking lot. When we got inside I was secretly excited to see the planetarium show again but bummed out when my girlfriend and mother chose a show on sharks..Damn creatures they take over TV all summer with shark week, don’ get me wrong I used to like shark week but even dimwits watch it and they repeat 3/4’s of the shows today, whereas there used to be relatively new shows each year for it. Shark week has brought  me to dislike these creatures because people watch it for the “monster bites” and “killer shots” not the science of the matter they couldn’t give two shits about that aspect and if they switched ti a week about whales they’d probably have 1/10th the viewers for it. Anyways sorry for my rant as expected it was quite boring in my opinion I’d have far rather been sitting in the planetarium.  We also saw a new exhibit on the pterosaurs which was cool but not worth it unless you have  a membership that allows you into every live exhibit for free anyways,

20140908-101815-37095842.jpgMore enjoyably we went to my favorite portions of the museum the rose Hall of Earth and Space as well as the Hall of Meteorites and large room of beautiful minerals which included some beautiful new Opals and Spinel from around the entire world, the gems are located at the very back-end of the 1st floor. So we trekked there through a shortcut I know and were quickly snapping photos of all that interested us and I commend the museum’s staff for having made a ramp both in the hall of meteorites and mineral room allowing me to still access most of it though I’d like to see more leading up to the pillars with the carved and precious gems in them. Other than that all we did was show my fiance the hall of Earth and then it was getting late. So we promptly decided to make our way to the bathrooms before driving back to the island from New York City.

unnamed (1)So we made our way to the bathrooms and once there I got us and carefully hobbled my way to the urinal. After going to the bathroom I washed my hands at the sink, all was well and good but as I turned to dry my hands I slipped and fell hard on my left side severely spraining my left ankle, back, and knee so badly that we thought I had some broken and/or fractured bones due to all the prednisone. So we gave the museum guards all of our information and took pictures , then an ambulance was called and I was driven to Lennox Hill Hospital in New York City. The ambulance guys were trying to make me laugh but I’d been given a 10/10 migraine from the fall, my head did not impact the ground but the sheer pain of my injuries caused this and I felt like I was going to faint due to pain which isn’t something I’ll say lightly or in fact have ever said. What astounded me was that when I fell I shouted and my fiance ran into the men’s room, at the same time a janitor came in and saw me on the floor then proceeded to step right over me and continue cleaning. What kind of human does that? And listen to this after he brings us to the guard the janitor went and cleaned up the puddle on the floor. this wasn’t just a few drops, but he did so before the guard could see it. Luckily we have pictures on our phones of what happened and I will be contacting member relations about this. The guards were nice and completely truthful but never offered an accident form we in fact had to prompt them to take down our information and gave them as much as possible. The guards said they’d fill out the forms and get in contact with us so i’ll give them 72 hours for that, but if they don’t then we will certainly  be quite furious.

photo 5

Anyways that’s what happened I was yelling for help and this janitor just walks on by like I’m invisible even though he probably walked right past my locked wheelchair on the way in and knew I couldn’t walk well. It was quite insulting and certainly not how one expects to be treated as a highly contributing member of such a prestigious institution. I’d like to thank the guard whose name was William K. can’t remember his last name. It’s good that I was sent there because the doctors had genuine concern and saw the pain on my face as well as the swelling involved. I truly hope I can get around at our conference now in less than 2 week in Nashville,TN with all of the ClusterBusters. I know it may sound cheesy but this really has killed the last bit of dignity and quality of life that I had, It seems my hands and my brain are all I have left and sometimes one of them doesn’t want to cooperate either due to neuropathy, a CSS flare, migraine, or cluster headache. Anyways thank you for reading we really hope that the American Museum of Natural History will cover these bills because we certainly didn’t need and cannot afford any more medical bills! I really wish they just would put a wet sign there so that I would’ve used another sink and then this whole mess could be avoided.


12 thoughts on “Spoonie Fall Down…Go Boom

  1. Please engage a good lawyer, like the chisters you see on tv . send them your e mail and hope they earn their $$ …See you Wed. Gpop

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about this. Things were bad enough, but now…? I know you feel depressed right now, but you are worth much more than your hands and head. Just thought you should know. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you are a fighter, an inspiration. Keep Fighting.

    • Thank you so very much. Today we are going to see an orpthopedist due to how severe my ankle pain is. SO much of the quality of life I had left was taken away it’s hard not to be depressed but reading your comment I couldn’t help but crack a smile regardless of the pain thank you so much I needed that. I just hope the museum will help us with the bill because it’s so expensive and I already contribute a significant donation to the museum each and every year. I never wanted anything to happen that might ruin my relationship with them. I was looking into a great internship there I hope this doesn’t ruin that opportunity too!

      • I hope they help out too. Y’all did good by getting pictures, so if it comes down to going to court, then you should be alright. Especially considering the janitor was in the bathroom. There is no reason why there should have been water on the floor with him in there. Not to mention his attitude and not helping you to get up. I mean really!?!

        • That’s what really bothered me that he didn’t even offer me help until my mom burst in yelling for help. He just looked at me laying on the floor and my fiance trying to help me up all alone as if we were aliens.

  3. This is terrible, Michael, I’m so sorry. A place that you love, that you made the effort to get to, and now this… hang in there. It’s true, you are an inspiration to so many. Don’t give up.

  4. I love all sea creatures, but I think Shark Week is not necessarily a good thing for the sharks. Does it bring awareness of their situation or does it just create more hype around them as dangerous, mindless monsters? I love whales and dolphins and they don’t get a week, even though the name “killer whale” can produce a certain image in people’s minds too. I am sorry your day was ruined like that, when you actually get a chance to get out and enjoy something in life. Hope you don’t end up having to pay the bills for this by yourself.

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