The Morning Routine


Sometimes I ask myself why and how I still get myself out of bed every morning. The answers that I receive from myself is for you guys and gals, for my readers and friends. I get up every day to serve my readers some enjoyable articles that they can hopefully relate to or talk to me about. I am here for all of you so today I wanted to talk about a seemingly meaningless topic for many. What’s your procedure for getting up each morning, and how do you manage to keep up with such terrible chronic illness? Today I shall answer this question and I genuinely hope it prompts you to do the same in your own blog articles, a reply, or even in a private email to me if you’d like to have a chat sometime.

When I first get up I am often flustered as I am brought from peaceful sleep into the realm of the living which I know only as pain anymore. Yes at times I still manage to laugh or smile, but underneath dark thoughts are going through my head and all I want is to be out of pain. So the first thing I do each and every single morning is to check my condition. There’s so much pain and it all comes at once so it can be extremely confusing and frustrating, but all I focus on is where the pain is radiating from. Inevitably I find a few different places each and every morning. Today it was both wrists, both hands, my legs, a migraine, nausea, abdominal pain, trouble breathing, and worst of all my bicep/shoulders. So I was forced to slowly fall out of bed rather than get up because I cannot lift my upper body. Luckily with help I got up and eventually made it the bathroom. I’m so unsteady I only do what’s absolutely necessary so I went and found I have diarrhea and then flushed and went to the sink to give my teeth a quick rinse. Which leads me to believe I may have a virus since I’ve been feeling severely ill lately, far worse than is typical.

By this point I’m already covered in sweat and really wanting to change into the day’s clothing but uh oh that’s upstairs so for a second time I must ask for help before my morning has even really started. So I am already about halfway out of my days worth of spoons and I haven’t even gotten dressed for which you guessed it I’ll also need assistance.Then I yet again have to ask someone if they’d please get me my morning medication. Not only that but if I need my oxygen then they need to help me with that too as well as all getting up and sitting down. It really is quite easy to see how someone with chronic illness can get depressed and see themselves as a burden. I know I am not considered one but I sure as hell feel like it.

So after I shower, get on clothes, get my meds and O2 with some help then I’m finally ready to start my day with 1/3rd of my spoons sometimes far less remaining. Today I am once again in mind shattering pain but trying to escape it through writing. I hope you’ve all been ok with my taking weekends off now due to my rapidly declining condition. Anyways writing takes a spoon or two from me because my hands get really swollen. After writing for an hour or three I will typically take nausea medication and relax a little which is my only time to truly relax. Then I stay on social media, monitor my site stats, read articles on chronic illness and science, and watch documentaries on my interests. After this I’m typically too drained to do much of anything else, but on occasion I’ll have a late meeting or work to do at night. The point is it doesn’t take much to fully deplete my energy and this is all with someone helping me with every little thing, I had the door nearly slammed on me a few times yesterday so I also want to mention that even if you’re in a rush be kind and courteous to chronically ill people who can’t always do everything you might ask them to or might not be able to hurry to get an open door. That’s all we ask is a little bit of help from our fellow citizens.

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