Slippery Floors!


As my body hits the ground pain shoots up my ankle and back

then so starts a migraine attack

the next thing you know I’m in an ambulance sitting in the back

on oxygen and off to the hospital yet again

I was just hoping my foot wasn’t broken

because it hurt and ached as if it were shattered to pieces

so we filed an accident report with the museum

now I’m stuck in a soft cast with a sprain I’m told will last

why? because a sprain can be worse than a break oh man how badly my left ankle aches

thank you to Lennox Hill and my Orthopedist at Orlin Cohen for seeing me so quickly

this really is a matter that needs to be resolved swiftly

though it seems like now I’ll be stuck in this boot

for my trip to the ClusterBusters conference and o my migraine specialist too

soon I hope I won’t have to wear this soft cast and I hope that my pain will not last

thank you for staying with me in the present and the past

I’m sure for a long time this blog will last!

Please consider donating to the Migraine Research Foundation for my 500th post. You can donate on their website here, or additionally on my CrowdRise here where the Foundation will know the donation came from one of my readers that’s much appreciated by me! Either way 100% of the funds go to the Migraine Research Foundations which gets the money directly and puts it towards some of the 60,00 grant proposals they’ve received They’d probably like to fund all of them so my job as a migraine research foundation ambassadors to ask you all to please donate your spare money this month to this good cause. Whether it be $10 or $100 we appreciate all donations!

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