Today’s TidalFit Installation


20140915-184240-67360174.jpgToday my TidalFit  arrived they even had a crane on hand to bring it though that wasn’t necessary all we had to do was take down one panel of wooden fencing and then they slid it atop PVC pipe into our backyard. The pool is enormous in fact it takes up a lot more space than we’d ever thought it might! The unit is really long perfect for my 6 foot 2 inch height and my brother who happens to be somewhere around 6’7”. We’re a tall family so I’m glad this machine isn’t made only for smaller people as is often the case.No this behemoth is several feet wide and at least 4-5 feet deep. This should easily allow me to swim, to exercise my bad leg, and do rowing exercises for my arms/shoulders when my leg is in too much pain! I am excited to get some use out of this expensive little machine as I hope it’ll allow me back to my legs to walk more often without help.

Today I awoke to my Mother asking if I’d like to go in as they installed the TidalFit yesterday, but I awoke feeling quite terrible in fact I hid under my sheets for another few hours. My migraine is finally dissipating slightly and that is cause for celebration. I will say part of the reason my migraines and clusters have been getting in the way of my writing is that the house next door is being torn down and the one down the block is literally being picked up whole and moved! So let’s just say it’s a little bit noisy even with the windows closed and the A/C as well as my TV on. Not to mention in the past few years they opened a new flight route to a local airport which goes right over my house so that sure doesn’t help the good ol’ headache disorders either.20140915-184241-67361042.jpg

Anyway yesterday I watched as a team of 5-6 men pushed this enormous pool across our lawn on PVC pipe into our backyard. They somehow lifted it up over the step onto the porch and got it installed in roughly 6-7 hours with the electric being done the same day etc. Lucky for me now the pool is full and I think I’ll go in later today to try out the row bars, can’t do anything with my feet really since the left ankle is still so severely damaged. So I’ll be giving it at least 2 weeks before I begin walking against the current of the pool for leg strength. That’s the ultimate goal with this machine to get more endurance and strength back into my arms and legs where the neuropathy is the worst.This may not solve my neuropathy or vasculitis it surely isn’t the cure but imagine how much of my quality of life I’d have again if I actually walked around myself. Heck even my families quality of life would go up and they’d be free to run errands more often without worrying about me.

It was quite enjoyable watching them install this large piece of machinery whilst I wore my headache hat and my OxyMask for a cluster at the same moment. I had to wear my Axon Optics Bora frames with an outdoor tint, they’re quite similar to the Wrap 7C still in their online store today! I simply cannot wait to review the headache hat and hopefully in a few weeks the tidalfit too! Aquatic therapy is something my doctors recommend for both migraines and my vasculitis. Why? Simple because the TidalFit offers a way to loosen up the knots in one’s upper back that form with bad headache disorders! Given that it functions with heated water this is the perfect tool to help row put the knots or simply using the massage chair whilst rotating your arms. In the end just as I enjoy the Headache Hat and Axon Optics glasses thus far I hope to enjoy this pricey piece of equipment to help improve my mobility. Thank you for reading and I truly hope you enjoy all the pictures and video.

Alas friends my journey to lose 75-100 lbs begins this weekend with the installation of my new Artisian TidalFit.

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