Comfort on the Road to Nashville


Oh what a day as I rush to put away everything I don’t need for the trip and get my room in order, try on some new clothes, and pack what’s necessary. It’s come upon quickly and I had a bad week so that made it even harder to begin the packing process which I only began late last night and am finishing this morning. I am just now gathering wires, cables, chargers, electrical equipment, hygiene equipment, and my medications to put in my bag to keep in the front of the car away from the wheelchair which takes up an enormous amount of space. So far I’ve packed the following for my comfort during our trip:

  1. IPhone w/ cable to plug into car jack & car charger cable we can listen to Pandora One!
  2. Kindle Paper white w/ charging cable
  3. Cannon T3i to get pics of the scenery and us at rest stops, most importantly at the conference
  4. Neck Pillow for the bumpy car ride
  5. Axon Optics Contact Lenses
  6. Axon Optics Outdoors tint lenses with Bora frames(similar to Wrap 7C)
  7. Axon Optics Wrap 7C with indoor tint to wear with the contacts indoors when the lighting is a bit too harsh but not terrible.
  8. 4 rechargeable Jackery batteries 1 3 socket big charger and the rest small ones with 1 iPhone charge equivalent in each all ready to go.
  9. Bose 20i Comforstsoft Earbuds for sound deafening when I get a migraine like right now but I’m save the battery for the car ride.
  10. Sennheiser PC350 Special Editions for my laptops folding gaming headset
  11. Samsung Google Chromebook w/ 3G
  12. Pain Pathways magazine
  13. Backpack and extra batteries & charger/boom mic/second lenses for my Canon T3i
  14. Oxy Mask and Nasal Cannulas with O2 machine that goes up to 4 liters per minute for my regular needs.(There are tanks for us at the hotel for patients).


That’s really about all I have to add for now besides clothing and a light jacket. I cannot wait to be roaming the streets of Nashville TN with my good friends from the Cluster Busters! I hope to write you a few updates on the convention though they may turn into health updates if I end up confined to my room as I sometimes can be. I sure hope to be part of the gang this time and really be accepted by everyone and have people to hang out with all the time that would make my trip a huge success. I also have an $*50 check for my good friend John Bebee from my fundraising effort so hopefully that will put a big old smile on my buddies face! I hope you enjoyed the article it was the best thing I could think of off the top of my head it’s what my mind is stuck on right now!

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