Insomnia for ClusterBusters Conference 2014


I’m awake and I can’t sleep

My feelings they sit so very deeply with me

And now I so urgently feel that I must get ready

Oh but what do I take with me?

I only see my friends once or twice a year

And that’s if I even make it to Nashville this year

Just yesterday I was so sad and depressed I was saying cancel the tickets

I’m just glad my mother had the sense not to do it


In the morning we will be on our way driving towards Nashville Tennessee all day

Looking out the windows will be fun I’d say as I’ve never been down that way before

Besides past it to Florida but that’s a whole different shebang

Today I am all hyped to see my cluster brothers and sisters all those awesome family members

I’ve only met them once and I’m sure I’ll see new faces I just can’t wait

To invite them all to dinner and take over a restaurant!

Order steaks for everyone who wants one I wish I had the money to pay for that type of fun

 but man I only make 250 dollars each month.


I hope I really bring the right things after all I don’t want to be uncomfortable and hurting

Tonight I am awake because I have a rancid cluster headache attacking my face at about a

Eight in strength I am only typing this by touch memory and hoping I’m not typing gibberish for my fans

That’s would be the opposite of my plans which are to convey the message that I’m excited

But anxious about driving 14 hours tomorrow. Who knows if we will make it to Nashville?

 or where we will end up crashing, I hope it isn’t some dumpy that’s rather nasty then I’ll sleep in the car

At least it isn’t full of bedbugs, blood stains, and fecal matter like most motels in the United States

They truly aren’t very sanity and it drives people irate…but it’s their fate for paying that rate

That’s what you get when $69 a night is all you pay it’s inhumane but true in a very real way.

So I hope we can afford to stay somewhere nice where I can get cable, Wi-Fi, and ice

A pool might be a bonus for me I should look up our hotel to check and see

Perhaps there is one conveniently and in between lectures I can take a dip leisurely

I am glad to be excited again all these poems have got me amped up to see my friends they’re all quite

Easy to get along with very little drama in this group and that’s what’s up I’m on board with it!

Please donate today to either the ClusterBusters or the Migraine Research Foundation both are worthy causes! I prefer you donate through this link so we can track how much we’ve helped out! It only costs $10 thats a trip to the movies people you can give that up for the future for your or a loved ones illness!

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