A KIP 10 Cluster Headache Video


Here is a video of me merely trying to say goodnight and show my cluster and how it affects my thought, speech, and voice when I get a agonizing one. They all hurt but never are they 10/10 for so long like this, possibly my worst one ever this has redefined my 10 in fact and I’ve had 6 near death experiences in life so it isn’t an easy thing for me to say nor do I take pain lightly. I also rarely cry considering my pain level I only do so when my body has no other option and I just break down. So here’s the video it isn’t long because my it was 2am and I woke up my mother to help me get my O2 so it isnt a video of the full attack or else we’d still be filming but this gives you a glimpse into one of the few pains in this world that completely eclipses a migraine, not Churg Strauss vasculitis, but definitely a migraine. So lets show you the video I took with my Cannon T3i:

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