Another Sleepless Night


Oh what a night it has been

plight has been a big problem

I am awake but only barely

I don’t do this often only when pain dares me

I typed all night so at least I was productive

But man what a hassle it was to stay that way

I could barely stay awake

yet at the same time I had a cluster and a migraine so I had no choice for god’s sake

I just wish I could get a break

I know it will come some week

I just hope it arrives soon so I can have some relief

this weight on my shoulders has me beat

I can barely think about what to eat


I am the only guest awake in the hotel lobby which is huge I expected there to be somebody

perhaps an early riser or someone in pain like me

this is a true hassle indeed

I hate to deal with all this agony

it truly isn’t the life for me

I’d love to be pain free but realize that’s a dream not reality

a little relief would be fine I’d settle for going from a 10 to a 9

at this point I feel all awry

I can’t keep up all this work and sleep deprivation else I will die

I suppose I’ll have to sleep tonight

despite the pain and constant fight

it’d be a joy to actually sleep at night

because the pain goes away for a while

though I am told I cry in my sleep like a child

I need to man up and stop acting so depressed

I won’t let these illnesses get the best of me yet!

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