ClusterBusters Nashville Conference- President’s Reception and Tourism

HorizontalFlatLogoHomeToday was a very odd day it had it’s ups and downs though you’d think it’d have been all positive since I spent it with my Cluster Buster family. We achieved a lot saw some of Nashville with some other Cluster Busters, then we went on a wild goose chase looking for lunch which eventually ended up failing so my Mother and I ended up eating at the Hotel Bar. It sure was fun chilling with John Bebee and Ki-Ki looking for a place to eat preferably with clubbed seal on the menu, I joke because we had a rare game restaurant across the street that sold alligator and buffalo etc. I’d say the peak of my day was just seeing all these familiar faces and meeting many new ones and the darn conference hasn’t even really kicked off! I can barely sleep that’s why I’m up typing partially due to a cluster, and partially due to sheer excitement!IMG_3682

Anyway my day began with waking up around 7am with a horrid migraine and an empty stomach so after a short time lying in bed my Mother and I got dressed and hung out with a few fellow Cluster Busters including the Keschingers who are always an absolute pleasure and Dan Ervin possibly one of my favorite people at this event. Afterwards we went up to our room and got ready to go sightseeing whilst trying to collaborate our plans with when Mr. Bebee was going to arrive since he’s quite a special person and a dear friend to my heart. **Here I want to give a shoutout to Bill Mingus, I’m sorry Bill I don’t want to address the situation because it’s your personal business but I want you to know we’re all thinking about you and we care.** So in the end we joined up with a friendly young woman named Crystal to go out wandering about the city. She was quite fun and prompted me to take pictures which is always something I forget luckily we had a 3rd photographer with us so me and mom got plenty of photos in too besides just taking them!IMG_3623

Afterwards we got back right on time to see a group of people congregated outside and I pulled out my phone to see the man I’d been waiting for all day had arrived Mr John Bebee. He will in fact be giving the presentation and demonstration on O2 usage for Cluster Headache. As many of  you know I suffer from Clusters and have officially for years but unverified clusters may have been as young as 19 months old. So I feel this is a debilitating and serious headache disorder that needs a cure and better treatments, more long term treatments and working procedures rather than relying only on O2 and triptans which people which complicating conditions such as myself cannot utilize! I cannot tell you how accepting and built to progress research the Cluster Busters are typically advocates just go through research, many of our advocates in this field are actively involved in research and often not only as participants but as organizers, theorists, and those finding natural solutions like busting. Anyways I got off track after dinner we went to the room to relax a bit and for me to pretype an article before getting ready for registration and the President’s Reception. I don’t know what happened the meat was cooked well on my hamburger I checked but all of a sudden my stomach began to bother me and wither from the severe all day series of migraines(maybe it’s one long one) or if it was just my usual nausea or maybe it was the food who knows but afterwards I felt alright, not great but good enough to continue about my day after a short rest. I haven’t said hi yet but there I saw Bob Wold a man who might truly be able to help me with my health I am sure in fact we will be in talks after this weekend because I have a few ideas and questions for him both on the subject of busting clusters with conflicting conditions, additionally I have some ideas that may broaden the range of membership and bring more youth interest to our cause.IMG_3611

Before I continue I have an announcement I am proud to say as of the 9th Annual ClusterBuster Conference and in the name of Bob Wold we at my new company and this blog will not let go of or fire employees due to alternative treatments for their medical conditions. Not that we have before but I want to make it clear the use of psilocybin based treatments or marijuana medicinally whether it’s legal technically for you or not will be accepted by me. When you’re in this much pain you and your doctors understand you need to do anything you can to assist you with relieving that constant ache. Everyone who becomes an official employee will be going through an invisible illness seminar to make them more sensitive to eachothers needs and my own struggles not for the blog but once I start hiring permanent employees for my small business.

IMG_3674That being said we went to the Presidential Reception and registration at 6PM sharp and got our goodie bags which included a cool foam mushroom, a ClusterBusters 2014 Conference t-shirt, a book of stories of people with Cluster Headaches, and lastly a purple ribbon with an awesome red lightning bolt with Cluster Headache written on it! We hung out there for a while and mingled but I was still having migraines I cannot break this cycle no matter how much caffeine I ingest. So I decided we should go to the pool to cool down after a long day walking in my soft cast and then hit the hot tub for my left ankle. We did that but guess what? I left my damn iPhone in my swim suit….why did I even bring it in my pocket I told myself it would happen and almost left it in the room! Now tomorrow we are going to have to get a new iphone and this amazing laptop, a Samsung Google Chromebook which is amazing for blogging but not so cool when you need to add contacts to your phone! So we quickly went out and brought rice back to the room and submerged it I’ve heard stories of people leaving theirs in water for hours without it breaking this was a few minutes so I really really hope it works. I wanted to be using my laptop to type as I live tweeted from my phone but now it seems I’ll be madly flipping about tabs of my laptop struggling to keep up. I mean it’s a minor inconvenience but I know I am going to lose some #’s I wanted to have because I hadn’t backed up my phone in a while. New rule back up your phone contacts weekly especially because I’m making networking contacts for advocacy and business.

Well that’s about it for day 1 now I am up crying because of a cluster typing through tears this is my second one tonight and it honestly couldn’t come at a worse time. I’m in so much pain I am wide awake and in 7 hours I need to be up to eat and get dressed and then get going with the conference! I am considering staying up the entire night until I feel tired and then just catching a nap because luckily I have someone to wake me up.  Honestly though I am still glad to be here despite my significant discomfort thus far and constant illness I find this is when you show people what makes or breaks you. I attended an optional conference for my own education, on my own money, and on my free time whilst in more pain than most human beings I consider that a significant success. Thank you for reading and please follow me on FB, check out our FaceBook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for pictures and updates on the event. Twitter is where you can find live coverage which I hope you all learn something from as I am sure I will! Thank you for reading and welcome to your web coverage of the ClusterBuster Conference 2014 I hope you all have a pain free day!

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