The Invisible Beast


I drove home from Nashville today

listening to songs and reminiscing about our stay

it was a 14 hour drive oh yay!

Clearly im being sarcastic it was a drag to drive all that way

but we did it because it isnt easy to travel with my O2 tanks

and without them the beast can strike

I’d have nothing to soothe or fight

I’d just have to endure an attack during flight

and to other it might not be such a pleasant sight

I was afraid of being looked at like a freak

much like in high school when I was a computer geek

who knew what my life would be

now that I have a terminal illness, chronic migraines, and chronic clusters woopee!

I also have a whole other host of issues but vasculitis & headache disorders are my concern

we need the public to see and learn that invisible illness is there in many of us

we can’t in these corners you see, we need to be free not the public enemy

don’t look at us like we’ll do harm many of us just seek relief

and many simply dismiss our illness no matter what it is

so long as the nature of it is mostly invisible

so you look normal and people say what’s wrong with that nut ball

but they don’t realize it isn’t our fault

we were born this way nobody wishes for this great agony

and most of us have it to some degree

so we shall all sing in harmony

no longer will the public simply tread on me!

Please donate to either the Migraine Research Foundation or the ClusterBusters! All donations go 100% to charity and NonProfits they do not go through me or this website you can learn more about what each of these fantastic organizations do at their websites! I am a member of both and fundraise for many organizations so please give whatever you can every dollar counts! The more we get every year the more progress in research and procedures we will see and more clinical trials which benefits everyone!

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