What do I do, Where do I go?


What should I do?

Where should I go?

Who can help me anymore?

Should I keep smoking that hydro?

These questions torture my mind like a pyro 

I just want to be normal and free of pain though

I’m not a drug addict just so you know

Simply a normal 24 year old seeking a way to keep me from death

Something to soothe this horrible pain in my chest

The people who surround me are clearly the best

My pain is almost gone our little experiment has been a wild success

Thanks to James Fadiman, Brian McGeeney, and John Bebee I can live again

That has helped to restore some of my faith so I say amen

Thank you all for supporting me in my journey to advocate its time to pop some champagne

Seriously don’t take this in vane

My poems have helped many gain their life back through expression of feelings it’s insane

I’ve kept some from suicide, others got a diagnosis from these words that flow through my brain

So I feel I’m doing my part for advocacy and will continue to drive in this lane!

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