Out of Place


Hit the brakes my brain is in a really bad place

Call a medic I feel like the beast is tearing apart my face

Out of place feeling depressed and out of space

Feeling lost like an orphan with no home who writes poems

Lost my soul to all this pain in my body made of foam


So much pain in my bones I feel like I’ll never make it alone

Not out of the woods doctors and their words throw me out of my zone

Knocked down and pushed I get aggravated and wade into the unknown

Smokin the good I know that I can get one meal down on my own

I ccan’tstand drugs but they seem to be my only friend now

Dark side of the woods walking on my own path- wow


Maybe others should read this stuff and take it as a story

If I didn’t exaggerate a bit this would be insanely boring

You’d never get the point and I’d leave people snoring

So my aim is to entertain and keep you applauding

as these words flow through my mind keep on pouring


So when you hear these words and then sing it back to yourself

Remember what most of you have is wealth in your health

And in that you can find some comfort of self

Knowing it could be worse just be thankful for yourself

Some people think about suicide every damn day and that they cannot help

Suicide headaches keep us awake at night causing us to yelp


Thinking about my mortality

And maybe someday actually having a salary

So I can make some better days for my whole family

Who obviously love me but don’t believe in some of my goals and dreams

I will achieve them as farfetched as it all seems

First convenience store on the Moon?

That’s no problem for me I have the dream, the fortitude, and am outgoing as can be!

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