Gastrointestinal Horror


I just got a shot of dilaudid

For some intense pain in my stomach

I am waiting for my diagnosis hoping it isn’t Crohns Disease

Please oh please just let me be I don’t need another incurable malady

C’mon people can’t you see that I clearly need some relief finally

It’s as if I live in this hospital pitiful as can be.


I can’t stop going to the bathroom

Soon I’m going to throw a temper tantrum

All because of this excruciating pain that’s coming from my rectum

I know this isn’t nice or exactly polite

But that’s my situation pure bedlam

Madness distilled in it’s purest form

From chronic pain a man was born

Not a boy a man who can hold his own

How dare you interrupt me when I just got into my zone

I’m rhyming these words effortlessly, guess I’m just prone to writing these poems

I can tell a story you see with just a few thoughts and rhythmic words

Sometimes the outcome is absurd, but mainly people enjoy this stuff

Heck better off reading than sniffing snuff, educate yourself stop drinking Duff.


As if I didn’t have enough problems these GI problems plague me

Like Frank Fritz that little dude from American Pickers

We both have gastro issues and been tested from T to B

So if you see this please help me

I am sick of this pain and discomfort I want some regularity

Help me and forever thankful I will be

I will never stop fighting for this invisible illness community!

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