Life in a Hospital Bed


I finally got some sleep

But I truly just need to be able to eat

You see lately my stomach has been off beat

After I eat back up my esophagus the food creeps

And then pours out of me like an enormous leak

I’ve lost over 40lbs in the past few weeks

I cant stand this bodily deceit I look so normal yet am so weak

I need a short reprieve soon, hopefully this week

So I can get out of this hospital now that would be a treat!


I awoke today covered in sweat

with a BP so high it’s like a death threat

I can’t stand my clothes being so damn wet

I just want to be comfortable again but that seems impossible yet.


These nurses are very kind and caring

They don’t ignore the call bells when they’re blaring

I appreciate that since I get what I need on time

The job they’ve done for me is absolutely sublime

I still feel like I’m in a prison though at least in my mind

My mental fortitude wanes each day, this is truly a grind.

One thought on “Life in a Hospital Bed

  1. Michael, it is amazing that you can write this and express your gratitude for the care the nurses are giving you when you are suffering so badly. Keep it up and hang in there! hope fully today will be a better day!

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