Medicine Not Recreation Drugs


I feel like my life’s undone

I can’t just keep up this survival mode always on the run

People just don’t understand these drugs aren’t any fun

This shit is medication not for joking and getting high

All that abusing drugs do is run mad people’s lives

So please recognize I am trying to survive.


This world is crazy one can get morphine like nothing

Yet if you get caught with marijuana now that’s illegal

Ain’t that something?

So frustrating to me because I don’t want to be a criminal let me be

I hate using the stuff it isn’t like it’s enjoyable for me

So please don’t see any of my drug use in the context of enjoyability.


I just want to enjoy some normality

Just some relief or comfort would be everything to me

feeling normal really confuses me because I don’t know what to do without pain in me

I don’t know how to feel like a normal person anymore I am a spoonie down to my very core

I don’t think I’m alone after years of pain I can’t be insane others probably relate

Anyways I don’t want to seem irate I just want to walk through those heavenly gates

And re take what’s mine a life of simplicity and divine joy in nature play place.

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