Prescription Drugs


Ninety milligrams of oxycodone

has my mind running loco

it want’s to go to sleep

but I won’t let go of reality

That’s just my god given personality

I mean can’t people see I don’t want to sleep

I need production and creativity!


So I took a walk with my fiance Venus

I needed a walk to calm my mind

From all of the chaos opiates tend to create inside

So it’s to you all that I confide

My emotions instead of putting them aside.


Opiates have some horrible side effects and shan’t be abused

If you abuse opiates you will feel dizzy, confused, and have nothing to do

Time will fly by as you act like a fool

Everyone aroudn you will think why do I hang out wqith this tool

So stay away from prescription drug abuse it isn’t cool.

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