Rich People Tisk Tisk


Sometimes my mind gets stuck in a creative flurry

So many words flowing through my head my vision get blurry

So many options to choose from I get worried

Because in the end will this thing be flowing or trash

Screw up just one line and I can throw it all off and lose some cash

Making a fantastic poem into some sludge for a pigs trough is easier than you thought

The next line is always plaguing my thoughts.


I need help my creative mind is zooming

and I can’t read the exits or success whilst writing

I need someone to guide me as to where to go next

What topics need to be hit? Aren’t people sick of hearing about sex and celebs?

Hell I sure am, I want to end these gossip magazines so we can all be friendly

I don’t see the difference between them and me; just their bank accounts ironically

Since many of them are the estate inheriting morons you see

Their trust funds are full to the brim and they’ve never truly suffered within

Hence why they don’t donate much to charity and if they do it benefits them

How can people be so conceited literally fuck them

If I had that kind of money I’d be running my own free care hospital or clinic

So rich people get with it benevolent spending is the way to go.

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