A Possible Stroke


Since I have been unreachable please allow me to explain something yesterday we had a pretty dire situation over at the hospital. I was supposed to receive steroid pulse therapy and my blood pressure was far too high. Soon to my dismay we’d find out they were canceling my pulse treatment due to the fact that it would would likely induce a stroke. I really hope this short tale reminds many of you how close death can come when we aren’t paying attention sometimes.

Yesterday I was at the hospital to receive pulse steroid therapy which was cancelled due to high blood pressure. Unfortunately my blood pressure remained high but would only go up with the therapy so the doctors explained with the treatment I would almost surely have a stroke and without it well there was a smaller risk but the same on existed.I was fast asleep after being in a steroid induced rage that morning and so my parents made the decision to leave the hospital so long as I was stable when I awoke from my sleep. I awoke tired and seriously drugged up on haldol and ativan barely even able to say a word. Whilst I was grateful to be leaving all I could replay in my mind was “a stroke may be imminent.” I really hit reality hard I mean physically I was standing but mentally my body had been shoved to the pavement for a dose of reality and pain.  

I suddenly started thinking about my unfinished will which doesn’t include all of my newest assets and how to divide my money between my parents and fiance fairly. Luckily I haven’t had a stroke yet so that isn’t my first throught. But I assure you when I awoke this morning I grabbed my chest wondering if my hand would float right through being in so much pain I didn’t know whether I was dead or alive. It isn’t an easy thing to think about or a simple experience to have but I sure hope you’ll all take a moment to think about your own mortality following this article and perhaps have this be motivation to get all of your own affairs in order especially if you don’t have an updated will. Anyways sorry for the grim article I hope you all enjoy your day.

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