BP Meds- Written During Hospitalization

This was written on a slew of meds I am releasing it for entertainment purposes only and for this woman’s safety the name of the caregiver during this time which really made the poem flow has been removed and some of the language has changed.


I was pushed down, ignored, and terrorized

How was that you ask I was denied my human rights

The doctor had prescribed me some medication but the nurse wasn’t very nice

When she refused to look it up in the computer to help me get better

Now what kind of an adult is that ignoring medical facts, whats up with that

It all changed after my mom called suddenly the order did exist what a miracle!


So I sat and waited for this disrespectful nurse to come visit

She sure took her time I was hitting my limit

I needed these meds to prevent a stroke god damn it, she’d already delayed me 3 hours ooh damn

So I finally got my meds and she asks should I wake you up at 4am for the next batch

I said yes please I won’t be able to sleep due to this mishap ma’am

I didn’t even get an apology I wanted to go ape shit wildly

Anyways now I’m watching netflix waiting for the shift to change from this bitch

Most of the nurses out these do their jobs right this one just seems to want to pick a fight

So here she can have it in words your nursing skills are whack and your hair looks like a absurd.


Thank you for the time it took you to read these lines

as always I appreciate you guys and gals who make it possible for me to have a voice

and spew something responsible, I truly appreciate that gift in life

and I wont take it for granted like this nurse did tonight!

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