Religious Confusion


Man sometimes I wish my life didn’t exist

That it were all an illusion and me some random poltergeist

But that wouldn’t be nice, it wouldn’t be fair to upset my family

They haven’t done anything but good for me

Yet I continue to stand up and speak boldly

When all they want is the quiet life for me so I can succeed

But when will they learn that life isn’t guaranteed

I’m sick of all you different religions with all of these vivid descriptions

Sure maybe someday I’ll sit and\ listen

But for now I have to step out of service and give my own sermon


Maybe if I ever saw my church group do anything benevolent for the poor I might believe again

But instead it’s an endless feast for those who are already fat and sin

I wish I could believe but it seems to me the only people to succeed are masters of deceit

As a child I’d hoped we’d feed the poor, nope all of those people were ignored

we didn’t build habitats for humanity either all the money went to the churches most “faithful” believers

Instead we tried and pried but we never truly did anything benevolent why?

It was all for the middle class who didn’t really need it to them this was just a minor convenience.


So is there a sign, a god, something for me to follow

If so I’d sure like a signal to follow, I’m just looking for a way out

Of all of this pain I feel now, without my entire body giving out

I don’t want to go to hell or be relinquish on religion entirely

Please someone inspire me I do so much good for this world I feel I oughta be.

Thanks to everyone who has tried and tried to help me find a god

Even though I always ask why now I understand he might be alright

because I’ve met the alternative and it’s not nice.

3 thoughts on “Religious Confusion

  1. Religion is of man and rules, and its frustrating. Relationship is of God who loves. Jesus did not come for rules, but to love. When I get caught up in the rules I lose the love He has for me and I have for others. Praying for you my friend.

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