Insomniac Again


I stayed awake all night vomiting

So dizzy i’m hobbling from dehydration obviously

I wish I felt better even nominally

but unfortunately I feel quite sickly and wobbly


Folks thats about all you’ll get outta me

I cant stand all this yelling you see

Sometimes my mother gets mad at me

For health problems I can’t control clearly

I understand the frustration just dont take it out on me


I just wish I had control of things

The way of my life is absurdity

I just wish I felt normally but the neuropathy stops that

With all the dead nerves that remain intact

Having no feeling makes a huge impact

I have to be careful not to make a serious impact

With my foot or my hands or else I’ll be in serious trouble no comic sans

2 thoughts on “Insomniac Again

  1. One thing that I learned that has helped me is I can’t control anything but my attitude. And even that is tough to control and not get caught up in the heat of the moment. Praying for you.

  2. You are in a rough sea right now but all seas calm down after the storm. Hug your life jacket ( Locca) and relax till the sky brightens again

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