Sumatriptan Usage


I had forgotten this most hated feeling. Today I took an imitrex shot for the first time since I was told I could no longer have them due to vasculitis. My current vasculitis doctor says it’s fine so long as I use it very sparingly meaning once a month or less. Well folks I just took my first shot at it and I had nearly forgotten this suffocating feeling that comes with the rush of sumatriptan.

My chest and arms hurst, and if at all possible somehow my head hurts even more. It’s as if someone has turned the threshold on my migraine meter up to 20 and said let’em have it full force. My arms still hurt and are weak but not quite jelly like from the shot. The effects on my chest scare me the most obviously because of the high risk for someone to have a heart attack and/or stroke when they have migraines or cluster headache. Right now in 5 minutes I’d say it has brought what I think was a KIP 6 cluster attack down to a 4 on the pain scale. That may not seem like much but in the midst of an attack it can be a godsend.

I hope you’re all taking your various abortives if you do have a horrible migraine and/or cluster headache today. I don’t recommend taking triptans often but when the beast comes use whatever tools you’ve got nobody should be jusging you so long as you’re being safe. I wish you all a pain free and headache free day, keep reading and sharing your support of this website.

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