Headache Hat- A New Ice Pack


overeyes3The Headache Hat is not your everyday ice pack it outperforms what you probably own right nw and for less most likely. Luckily I was sent one of these amazing products to try for myself and the design is so simplistic yet ingenious I wanted to slap myself for not having sewn up a copy myself earlier. I am always changing the ice pack on my head but now far less so due to this amazing product now let me explain.

The Headache Hat is filled with little gel cubes and has a small area that isn’t covered near the velcro however you can order extra ice cubes on their website and fill that space which is what I’ve done with mine. At 27.99 I believe it is more then reasonably priced and here’s why my last favorite ice pack for headache was the Elastogel Cranial Cap I own costs more than $40 plus shipping, this product works better and costs far less.I am not being paid to say this I could say anything I’d like but I give this product a 9.5/10 based on the price, comfort, and ease of use; I only wish they had a version with a  neck extension as well and an XL version of their normal product.

Thank you to headache hat for allowing me to try their product it’s a quality piece of work. Above you can watch my video review and see how the headache hat is reversible leaving it cool for soule the time. Half the cube melts but the side not touching your skin is still frozen so flip it over and wallah another 45 mins to an hour of relief for me. This is just an awesome product and for under 30 dollars I recommend it to any and all headache prevention, care, and relief arsenals.

Follow the Headache Hate people Here on twitter, Here for Facebook, and Here is their website!

2 thoughts on “Headache Hat- A New Ice Pack

  1. I have got to get one of those. I am 40 years old and have been getting migraines since I was 15 years old.

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