Becoming a Human Barometer


One would think a barometer in it’s historical sense should be a brass looking device measuring atmospheric pressure, it’s most typically used as a standard gauge for altitude and weather metrics and can be found in a plethora of locations. Weather stations have basic and advanced barometers, you may even have one outside your home with a display indoors showing the metrics for that day, and you’ll obviously find them on any modern boat or plane. These devices are invaluable to us today but what came before this? Well to be honest the barometer was invented sometime between 1640 and 1643 so this technology has been with us for some time, it was in fact described by Rene Descartes as early as 1631 but it was merely a hypothesis at the time unfortunately Mr. Descartes never built a working barometer to anyone’s knowledge. Which leads me to my question were our bodies in sync with the weather and would they show warning signs before disaster struck in the early nomadic days of mankind?


You see with so many people being migraineurs the numbers just keep rising I see it as a pretty common illness, you ask around and inevitably someone you’re close to knows someone or suffers themselves. So for me that makes me question why we all have such a variety of triggers yet this one so many of us share. Now if you believe in evolution my theory must be plausible to you unless I’m really missing something big here. It isn’t unreasonable to think my ancestors knew heavy blizzards were coming due to what we now call a migraine. Perhaps this is why some  cultures ritualized weather in hopes that maybe a dance, an offering, or ingesting some special concoction might help rid them of this terrible pain they may have felt whenever bad weather was on it’s way.

Another theory I have is perhaps the migraineurs were the shamans of their tribes early on. Why? Simply because they had an uncanny ability to predict changes in weather and shamans were revered as important in a tribe so it would be tempting to a migraineur to admit falsely to being spiritually gifted or perhaps they truly believed they were who knows. The point is a child with migraines by predicting the weather could impress his or her tribe allowing them to become an apprentice shaman and giving them time to learn about all the plants and rituals they’d be expected to perform. This is merely a theory I have very little knowledge on nomadic tribes in particular and seek to educate myself on the matter soon.

Today was my turn it seems that sixth sense is still active in me as with so many migraineurs and I was right I opened my windows carefully with my Axon Optics glasses on and there it was rain pouring down from the clouds. As soon as I wake up sadly I know whether it’s sunny and dry or otherwise due to my daily chronic migraines. I was tearing up in pain and didn’t know what to do, I can no longer use triptans because my blood vessels leak from my vasculitis and taking them could blow a vein or artery. So I am stuck with fioricet and motrin *sigh* its like taking sugar pills. Luckily I have a custom compounded cream I can put on my neck and rub on my cluster lump where my cluster headaches love to occur on that right side of my head which is always so tender. So right now I am down to a 9/10 still battling and still crying a bit, and still wishing there were some solution for me out there. I miss my headache specialist Dr Mark W. Green I hope to see him again soon and discuss the frequency of my attacks and discuss getting into trials more seriously. I mean I know I have complicating factors but there has to be a trial I fit into.

Thank you all for reading lately it has taken a lot out of me to write and depression has taken over my life. I’ve been trying to fight harder and harder lately and working very hard on my business plan so I have something fulfilling to work on in my life. I am very excited because my new business focuses on donating to charities, helping doctors. assisting pharmaceutical companies, and making hospital visits more pleasant and in the process being able to let the patients earn gifts for raising their voice within our community! Follow this blog and support my journey to be successful despite several incurable chronic illnesses! Love all my followers and readers I hope you’re all having a pain free day!

3 thoughts on “Becoming a Human Barometer

  1. The cold makes my limbs hurt, feels like my bones are on fire. Heat and any amount of humidity causes my headaches to worsen. Not quite the same, but we are all different. I hope you are able to keep focusing on at least a few things that give you purpose amongst everything you go through. We all need that. Seasons greetings to you and your family Michael. Hope you have some traditions that you will be able to participate in over the next few weeks with your loved ones.

    • As always thanks for your comment! I will be having lots of family over jsut prior to Christmas and then having a small family holiday. Happy holidays to you and all my readers as well!

      The cold makes my bones hurt like they’re being crushed and the heat makes me sweat and have labored breathing. I hate it either one makes me feel like I’m going to have a heart attack it’s rare that I am comfortable.

  2. No matter what situation you are in ( level of pain) you can write as elegantly as ever , in fact better than ever. We will be there soon, love gmom & gpop

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