Let’s Make a Holiday Wish List for Chronic Illness!


Hey everyone up a bit late this morning due to severe muscle aches and having to inspect some new scars from my vasculitis. It’s quite troubling for me to keep a normal sleep schedule which has also affected my writing both due to sleep deprivation and timing of articles have both hurt my web traffic. Not that I display ads sp  haven’t lost any revenue but I sure have lost some fans due to my lack of energy lately and unfortunately that hurt my ego a bit for a while. Now I say good riddance this is a blog for and by people with chronic illness so I just do what I can manage whilst continuing to fight my illnesses. Anyway today I want to discuss Holiday gift lists and ideas that might be helpful to those spoonies like ourselves, it can be anything you can think of just post a link to it and explain how it might be helpful in the comments section!

So how can you do the most good for the people around you this holiday season? Well to start off whether or not you’re sick yourself do a charity a favor this holiday season and order through Amazon Smile or even auction some old items from your closet via Ebay and choose to automatically donate to a cause that way.Either way you are benefitting and so is a good cause so whilst improving your own life help someone else out today! Now let’s talk about some of the best gifts of this year:

  • A Neck Heating Pad- Soothes the muscles that are constantly being contracted due to various headache disorders. When I have a stiff neck which is quite often I use a SunBeam brand neck heated pad that had a small electronic remote attached to the cable for control of the heating settings. I find that in combination with compounded prescription lotions or icy hot this heating pad works even better! So if you’re always at the chiropractor, complaining about your neck, or always asking your loved ones for massages this is a good option and a relatively cheap one. A new version of the same exact pad I have costs $30.30 via Amazon Prime.
  • The Headache Hat- As I mentioned in a recent review I love this ice pack made specially for headaches. It’s affordable and right now comes in one size so it’s an eazy buy for your loved ones. It costs only $28.99 but it seems to be the best and longest lasting ice pack I have tried for my migraines or cluster headaches.
  • A Nebulizer: I won’t recommend mine because it’s a rental from the home care agency and sounds like a diesel truck running next to your ear I hate mine. So this is one thing I will be asking for this Christmas a quieter nebulizer since my breathing gets bad enough for me to use it 2-3 times every day now.
  • O2ptimask Kit: For anyone you know that has cluster headaches this is a must buy for the low low price of $23.00 on clusterheadaches.com it’s comfortable and delivers oxygen extremely efficiently all the clusterheads I know have them.
  • A warm fuzzy blanket, people with vasculitis are always cold so having  a nice warm blanket on hand is a huge plus, or if you knit a homemade quilt is always much more appreciated.
  • A Nice Leather-bound book from Easton Press: If you’re like me you probably enjoy a good read and that’s why this made the list, Easton Press makes superior quality books and they’re very durable made to last through the ages which is what I want for my personal library! If you enjoy classics and can afford to spend a bit of money this is the gift for you. Always enjoyable and sturdy if brought to the hospital during chemotherapy for a read.
  • Pillows: Having a bunch of really comfortable pillows is indispensable when trapped indoors with chronic pain or illness. Neck pillows are particularly helpful as they can be used indoors, when traveling, and even when sleeping if your neck is tender. Things like gel filled pillows and memory foam pillows are nice too as they tend to stay cooler than your average pillow and they are extremely comfortable though they can get expensive unless you find them on sale.
  • A Puppy: I cannot stress how much I love my dog it’s a bond you cannot replace with anything in the entire world. Loca, my dog of 2 years, has sat with me through the best and the worst of times. She was right there licking my fiance and I during our engagement, yet also there for me when I’m vomiting over a bucket from chemotherapy. You can’t often buy that kind of love but in this case I did and I love her for giving me such a gift. I wouldn’t trade that dog for all the gold or money in the world she is too valuable to me as medicine! She’s the ONLY thing that makes me smile anymore. So seriously consider getting a puppy especially if you have depression or feel alone like I do at times when Loca isn’t hovering around me giving me kisses.
  • Noise Canceling Headset/Earphones: This will save you from noise ever if you only use them as earplugs to dull the noise when in public places or play some low quiet soothing music. We all know when we can tolerate it music is healing to most people so lets take advantage of that. I personally spent $300 on the Bose 20i which I can recharge and block all noise with whenever I like for about 4 hours at a time. It’s really helpful during migraines on plane flights with crying kids or in doctors waiting rooms.
  • FL-41 Tinted Glasses: Axon Optics is the company to go to for these people compliment me all the time on my heavily tinted Wrap 7c glasses. They look a lot like oakleys except they have a sort of wind shield attached to it made of foam that prevents dry eye and helps block all peripheral light. I am a huge fan of it, one of my favorite products I’ve ever reviewed and one I honestly use every day of my life ever since I first bought a pair.

That’s really all I have to recommend now I’m glad you all are having a happy holiday season and I hope it continues on that way. I hope you’re all pain free and having a wonderful day I’ve personally been quite depressed and in pain lately but I don’t really want to drag that into such an optimistic subject. I’m glad you chose to read my article today thank you and have a great day!

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