Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas Eve

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Hello folks as you can probably tell by my raised spirits I celebrate Christmas with my family and the next few days should be interesting for us. This will be a lonely year for us just after a death in the a family last Christmas and possibly without my Mom’s parents for the first time since I just got chemotherapy and my grandmother is slightly ill to say the least. I am rather nervous as this year I’ve asked for the most expensive gift of my entire life from my grandparents. They told me to name what I wanted that price didn’t matter so I asked for a new fully functionable laptop not a chromebook such as the one I work from now. I want to be able to do all my office work, business, blogging, and use this new device to write my books. Saying that it seems beneficial right, well here’s where the rub lies it’s a $2500+ piece of equipment and the most I’ve ever asked for was an ebox and a game or two I just feel so amazingly selfish. I know this will undoubtedly get used and certainly benefit my own family but I cannot bear to think of how much of his hard earned money my grandfather spent on such a  machine for his ill grandson.

I mean honestly this is one of those days you reflect on life and be thankful for what you do have despite all that may be going wrong in one’s life. I mean yeah I am battling Cluster Headaches the most painful disease known to man and I’m winning that’s the reality, I’m fighting a  deadly stage 3 vasculitis and doing relatively well for my condition, I manage my daily chronic migraines somehow, I deal with my late onset asthma like a champ, and I’ve been falling less and less due to neuropathy in my legs and arms. That’s a lot to deal with not to mention all the emotional pressure of depression and anxiety I fight all of this each and every day to be happy and simply feel normal.So I guess an overpriced laptop isn’t too much of an overindulgance, I am going into buiness very soon after all. I didn’t ask for much else besides stuff for writing and advocacy because it’s truly all that keeps me happy and mentally focused.

So what do we all have planned these holidays I am going to try and use all my spoons and be active! Tonight my fiance and I are splitting up, I am going to see some family whilst she has a large family gathering for dinner. This should be fun as I get to speak with some real adults and see some family members we rarely get a chance to visit with such as  my Grandmother’s Sister’s, my Aunts , and of course Cousin Barbara and her son Johnny. After a night of festivities I am sure we will alll be tired  so I am going to hit the hay early so I can be awake in time hopefully to make it to Venus’ home about 20 minutes away to open presents and have a family breakfast, mainly to see my nieces open presents with Venus and take lots of photos! After that we’re coming to my house where I have some idea of my gifts and for others no idea what they got me at all. In the end all I can say is I chose some great gifts for my relatives this year. I always try to get something they can enjoy nothing for work or that’s laborsome.

Well thank you all for reading I know everyone is likely busy scurrying about getting every last minute thing ready so you continue to tidy up. I will be posting this article, then eating an early lunch, and getting ready to go to this family function.Again I wish you all pain free and happy holidays for both you and your families. I hope you all have a wonderful day all you lovely readers will be in my thoughts as I think of what I’m grateful for.

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas Eve

  1. Christmas has always been a favorite for you Michael ! I remember you dressed as santa giving out candy canes to everyone on xmas eve! remember the good and continue your courageous fight, you are winning !!!! everyday and every minute that you don’t give up !

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