I’m So Spoiled: Christmas Story


I often wonder why I am so unlucky having a 1 in 1.5 million illness with my vasculitis, but today Christmas I wonder why I am so fortunate. I’ve never asked for anything more than $300 or so. My grandparents really went all out for me this year and gave me new tool to use for my blogging, professional writing, authoring of books, podcasting(maybe?), and to help run my business. The problem was this is the maxxed out version 16GB RAM 1TB Flash HD 2.8GHZ Boost to 3.4 GHZ i7 processor etc. cost $3500 with a 3 year warranty! That’s a ton of money what did I do to deserve such a machine. When I asked for a MacBook I thought I’d get the 13” lowest model with maybe 512GB HDD space.

However my grandfather knew I needed the best as the base for my business accounting, business plan, furthering my education, and keeping track of my own finances. It’s amazing what one can achieve with Microsoft office and a MacBook Pro not to mention the awesome video/audio editing features I get to play with on the side. I’ve never had a Mac before so this is a whole new experience and not at all a smooth transition for me. We opened presents after we got back from the family party just before midnight and I got my beloved laptop, Bose wireless speakers, Ohio State Buckeyes pants/sweatshirt, Cosmos DVD, chocolates, an Amazon Fire TV set, and I’ll be getting more form my beautiful fiancé later today when I go to her house for Christmas breakfast. I am so darn spoiled to be getting so many good gifts and I really appreciate them all. I don’t only get I also give, I already gave my grandma and grandpa both gifts they enjoyed very personalized, tomorrow once Venus is here we will see how my mom enjoys her gift. I hope she likes it as much as I think she will as it’s something she can keep out year-round.

We spent a good amount this year on each other I got Venus an Ipad (an older model but new) and got one for myself as well. I also got our parents some pricey gifts but we managed on a combined budget to pull it off. Don’t we all always seem to get by somehow during these holidays? Sometimes I wonder how because I thought I’d be flat broke then found I had been collecting a small paycheck in my checking account so I did have a moderate amount of cash available. For our Dad’s the search for gifts was harder and as we scoured the internet we landed on the perfect website. There we found two sports related items for both our dads and it was quite the coincidence, I certainly got a little thrill out of it.

Anyway I have a new high powered computer and I’m looking for programs to use anyone know of any good blogging/social media programs for the Mac? I am a total noob to this stuff so if any spoonies out there can help please do. If any of my followers are IT smart gimme a shout I’m willing to listen! Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed this Christmas Update.

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