Putting on The Fake Smile


Today I’d like to talk about an action many of us have taken at one time or another, given a fake smile. Sometimes it’s out of politeness to a person you disdain and at other times to end a conversation honestly. I prefer to use it as a gauge of pain, you see after being in chronic pain so long you can see through all of the fake smiles. A fake smile and a nod mean nothing to a migraineur, someone with neuropathy, vasculitis, cluster headache, this applies to all severe chronic conditions We see through the fake smile and many of us offer small gestures of compassion. Perhaps handing you a tissue or offering up our own hydration for your sake it’s all in camaraderie.

However sometimes it’s a necessity to put on that fake smile and go out for one’s owns mind and body. We need to get into a rhythm to combat the depression and anxiety of chronic illness. How is this achieved, well it took a few years myself but by forcing yourself headlong into battle with your demons lock horns and go toe-to-toe at an event or setting that’s likely a trigger then fight it off as best you can. People will certainly understand if you leave early especially if they know how sick you truly are so no excuses get home and get some rest. The next day you feel well enough reconnect with all of your friends tell them you enjoyed your time and that you’re sorry you had to leave early. Surely most if not all will understand and want to reminisce about what happened so there’s a way to channel some of your depression, someone to talk to about these things.

As spoonies or people suffering daily chronic illness we must struggle to raise awareness in our communities and battle for the governments research grants, but in the end we all just want to feel “normal” again. I certainly wish I could have a bit of normal sprinkled on my life now but that seems impossible so I publish my thoughts as food for thought pertaining to others with chronic illness. At the very least if my advice is helpful to one person I know one person will have a better quality of life!

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