Gains and Losses


My heart is filled with fear

My eyes are filled with tears

I feel like just jumping off of a pier

Man these words are so sincere

If only you could hear what I hear a rhythm to the words being whispered in my ear

It’s fascinating to put words together like this in tier by tier

It’s like building a skyscraper without all the workers and beer!


All I know is pain

But all I want is to gain a little something

A normal life and become once again sane

For my business plans not to be in vein

For me to be successful so I can lead my family to the promise land

Just take my hand and I’ll guide you there it’s not far to our new home

I want to live where neighbors can’t look directly into each others windows

The suburbs are getting too crowded for me finally

I want more land for my lovable dogs and to get more of them as we move along!


I missed my chances to help with Hurricane’s Sandy and Irene

I wanted to volunteer and help my family who’d been afflicted but was too sick

How shitty of that is a reason to quit I would’ve done anything to help but I was prevented from doing so

So I sat at home plotting my chance to help my family and came up with an idea that has plagued me

Now I know my path in life at least in the moment

It’s a good feeling to know where you belong and behold it

I shall put my all into this business and grow it

I want to become the gold standard in this sector and pay for my parents retirement

They’ve done so much for me medically how can I deny them such a small gift?


6 thoughts on “Gains and Losses

  1. Nice post. Through the pain lies hope, if you keep a hold of the hope and work hard enough, you will prosper, the rewards might not be instant but eventually you will prosper.

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