Why I am Unfollowing People Today

I just wanted to post this to explain my actions on my social networks today. You see I am preparing to run a business so I can really only focus on people in my subject area. So please don’t be annoyed or insulted if I don’t follow you on a social media page, friend you, or follow your blog. There are already so many contacts and news to keep track of and write about that inserting anything else into the situation just makes it complete mess to navigate.

I’ve decided to clean house first by reducing the blogs I follow to autoimmune, cluster headache, migraine, and spoonie blogs only…well some poetry blogs will remain but very few relate to my own method of writing my poems. Then I will be going on twitter and making lists of all the people I go to for news and the latest on migraines and vasculitis. I will follow just about everyone without a picture or that wants to sell me something then decide how far I want to push it with following people on Twitter, I don’t want to hurt my audience too much but I do need to prepare for the start of my new website and a new era in my career. I will do the very same on Instagram and Facebook making sure I wean down the people I follow to only those I truly read. This will be helpful to other advocates as well because they’ll know who I rely upon for advice which I hope flatters them as I don’t count on many for my information.

Anyways I just wanted to make a brief post explaining why you may be unfollowed and I ask you please not to take it personally. I am just trying to get life sorted out in preparation for my business and that’s far from easy. However if all goes as planned I’ll be one of the few fortunate sufferers of invisible illness who owns their own company and can afford to fly out to all the conference every year! Well lets hope things go that well my overhead isn’t too bad so far, so I should have a few years to become profitable though I’d like to see income within 12 months with my business plan. Have a nice day and remember this is a business thing if too many people miss me following them I’ll gladly create a personal account not affiliated with my upcoming business for us to connect through. Though I imagine I’ll have very little time for something like that now.

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