Neuropathy and Falling Down

foot pain

When one loses feeling in their extremities certain daily tasks can become quite challenging. One must remember simple things like to put on iron mitts when taking something out of the oven or to wear a jacket when it’s cold outside. Situations occur daily in the lives of those with neuropathy that cause danger to the patient. Here’s a little something that happened to me not long ago that will reveal what neuropathy can do at times.

A great example is what just happened to me minutes before typing this article. I used a cane and held onto the railing with my other hand but my grip was too weak and I lost strength in my right leg so boom down I went. I fell down the full flight of stairs around 6:30AM waking everyone up and alarming my parents. They were angry I didn’t call one of them but really having to call someone each and every time you want to move? I feel as if my independence is gone and it isn’t just today. I don’t know about others with neuropathy in their feet and legs but I fall often. My feet get tangles in my O2 tubing or I have a blanket around my feet either way I can’t feel it there until I take that one step too far and fall on my butt.

I just thought I’d talk about one of my conditions I rarely bring up since this just happened. If you have neuropathy and follow me let me know what you do to prevent things like this. I can’t keep falling like this eventually I’ll be shattered from head to toe so please if anyone has any advice for a spoonie in agony please offer it.

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