Migraines- Cold and Hot


Hot or cold an age old question that many people ask themselves when in pain which do I use and for what? When do you use each one, which is appropriate for your situation. It depends a lot on how you feel and involves some trial and error at times. It can be hard to know whether heat or a cold pack might be best. Today I am going to tell you how I decide what to use in certain situations and how I choose which is best to utilize.

Heating pads are a savior at times when soreness or extreme pain is a problem but how do I know when to use it? Well in my mind there are two answers to this question. Heat seems to work better when the problem is more muscle tension like the muscle knots you can feel when your back really tightens up. So for tension and muscle pain heat seems to relieve that allowing more flexibility. The only other way I know of to decide whether to use heat or a cold pack is to actually apply it then decide which feels better. There are times when I can’t even tell with all the literature I’ve read on migraines and cluster headaches which one to utilize. I personally use a Sunbeam heating pad but I would prefer one with a strap that keeps the heat on my neck at all times. For the heating pad I currently have you have to lay back on a pillow or something which makes it hard for me to sit up and type my articles or work on my various books. So in summation I recommend heat for tension and muscle pains in general

Cold is something I utilize more for when I have fallen or have swelling pain. When something is swollen it’s likely to feel hot to the touch in the first place so a cold pack is definitely what you want in these situations. For example when you awaken with a swollen cluster eye(the eye which is most affected by your cluster headaches) or migraine dominant eye you might want to wear an ice pack that covers your eyes for a little bit similar to the one I use by the brand imak. You don’t have to be swollen though you can use the cold to numb the pain, which is what I do with ice packs like my headache hat and my elastogel hat. Both do an excellent job at keeping one’s head cold but I’d say the headache hat is better especially for what’s in it’s name for numbing the pain of extreme migraine and cluster headaches. Therefore I recommend cold mainly for swelling but also for the numbing of bad pain when necessary.

One wouldn’t think it could be so confusing deciding whether to use hot or cold but it can be a daunting thought. What if you use the wrong one and exacerbate the pain? Well that’s why my blog is here my friends to help answer any questions you might have. So if you have anything specific to ask drop it in the comments section, otherwise I will continue to come up with something to write about each and every day I am capable of writing. Thank you for reading and I appreciate every single one of you so have a great New Year and an excellent 2015!

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