Who knows my pain?

Sometimes I just want to be slain

Due to the trauma that’s been caused to my brain

By this invisible pain

That causes my brain to restrict blood flow throughout my veins

Which leads to incredible pain

So bad I need some pure oxygen at 25 LPM to breathe again

I need a med to help me defend against this suicidal tend of thoughts

The pain causes depression, which leads to disturbed thinking

Three hours later you go what was I thinking but during the pain you couldn’t give a –bleep bleep-


I think I need better sleep please

Put me into a coma and just allow me to breathe

I no longer want to feel this pain I receive

So please find a way to make it recede

In 2015 I have hope for my disease

Lots of research will be done and political lobbying

We will find help eventually and in the meantime I’ll keep writing!

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