Television and Chronic Illness


It’s crucial to relax at times and for those that are immobilized television is a great outlet for their entertainment. What better than to be able to sit back, relax, and tune into just about whatever you want nowadays with the on demand services available. Whereas it used to cost $40-50 for one season of a show one can now pay a service like Netflix $15 or so a month and have access to hundreds of seasons of TV shows and movies alike. One can even keep up with the latest television shows through services like Hulu, in addition to a Cable or Satellite television service one cannot really get bored there’s always something to watch that’s interesting.

I say that as a multi-year customer of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus I watch them all and on several different devices. I also have one of the middle of the range packages with Verizon Fios including DVR for our television. I prefer Verizon over Cablevision their main competitor in the area mainly because I get more college football coverage with this Verizon package which is something I really care about. In fact right now I’m watching the Cotton Bowl presented by Goodyear, then the Rose Bowl at 5PM, and finally the Sugar Bowl at I believe 8:30PM. I really wasn’t much of a television person prior to becoming chronically ill. Now that I spend most of my life on the couch however I need to occupy my time somehow and I enjoy some background noise when I write. I prefer to listen to survival shows or a nature type channel, if not then real estate shows will do if I cannot find a replay of a college football game on.

I really enjoy television now and cinema I find it really soothing when chronically ill to be able to laugh and some of my laughs throughout the day come form comedies I watch on my TV. It also helps to distract one’s mind, it keeps you from focusing on the pain and your mind refocuses on the story being told on the screen. Distractions are crucial to those in chronic pain so that’s why I now embrace television even though it promotes a sedentary lifestyle. Why not watch it often if you cannot move without help anyways?

I think television is seriously enjoyable and definitely helps relieve anxiety and/or depression in people with chronic illness. It provides them with hours of various distractions they wouldn’t normally have. I mean especially when in the hospital options like Netflix are a real gift and a treat that wasn’t available all that long ago. We shouldn’t take these new technologies for granted we need to appreciate them for what they are. Yes these services all cost something but for the mental benefits you receive the costs are minimal, if anything ask for these services for the holidays or a birthday present! They’re worth it if you often find yourself bored even if you are an outdoors person like I used to be before chronic illness confined me to this small cage that’s my home. Anyway I hope you heed my advice and appreciate what service and television you do have. Thank you for reading and remember to try and watch programs that either lift your spirits or educate you, life is a learning experience and we can learn something new every day.

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