State of Fright

I wrote this poem late last night as I was in severe pain and agony rolling around trying to find a comfortable way to sleep. The words were just there I know it isn’t perfect but I enjoyed writing it after a break from poems and poetry for a short while.


I sit here tonight in a state of fright

Because I might invite shadows into my brain tonight

I fear the beast conquering me, devouring my brain quite quickly

Whilst I sleep, just let me be, it’s depressing to be a spoonie!


My cluster headaches and chronic migraines cause unbelievable agony

Yet people don’t believe it because it’s a an invisible illness you see

I don’t know how to get this stigma off of me

I seem to be pegged as a drug addict too

When I go to the pharmacy they treat me like I’m at the zoo

Don’t give me the run around

Just give it to me straight

Can I have my meds now

or will I have to wait 

Or will I have to go into possible detox from my prescribed medication

All because of these damn FDA “safety” sanctions


I’m sick of all the migraines, neuropathy, cluster headaches, and vasculitis flares

It’s so painful it makes me want to rip out all my hairs

When will I finally find peace?

It doesn’t seem to be coming soon right now in reality

So please someone help me I have a rare disease

And I’m being neglected told to go do the same methods

Nothing new is out your out of luck bud accept it.

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