Interacting with Patients


Communities like those for cluster headache, vasculitis, to get more specific groups like migraineur misfits. I get why they are so popular with all their custom images and such they release not in a burst but throughout the day as if someone were watching that FB page all day for them. If only there were more of me and more energy to pay more astute attention to the social media all the time. Writing as you try to think about what people might react to isn’t as easy as one think it’s hard.

Finding ways to improve patient interaction is like my new job after running a blog for so long. With no SEO however I’m still really doing quite well in fact however I need to work on my patient engagement on social media and make myself recognized as more of a professional rather than just an activist. I want to be seen as someone who writes intelligently about health. I would like to be someone who goes to do book signings, someone who does motivational talks, someone who really coaches other patients with similar illnesses. That’s all on my bucket list but a necessity if I’m going to make my business work like I want to, I definitely need to be able to at least sell the lifestyle portrayed in my blog!

It’s incredible to go on these support groups and see 100-200 people all interested in the same topic, or similar topics. I would love to see even 10 people all having a conversation about what I’d written that day and lately I’ve gotten that via the support groups allowing me to post on occasion. I don’ spam them because I post too often but I do get to post like once a week to once a month and that gets me tons of responses mainly very positive! In fact my fiancé and I are working on programs for the blog that will include a podcast to get people listening on their way to and from work so that they comment on the episode. Remember I am not doing it on my own through I am working with other advocates to become a success. I want to work with other advocates it provides a support base and someone to talk to and to takeover to keep things flowing if one of us gets sick.

I truly appreciate the few 2-3 responses I typically get to my articles through my regular daily reader. That’s per article so altogether in a day I can expect 6-9+ responses and gratitude from my regulars, which always makes me, feel uplifted. Writing is the key to fighting depression for me. Bringing a laptop like my Google Chrome Book with 3G is great in vacations where I want to communicate or live tweet from the car as we drive!

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