for you


Awake to flurries of pure white snow landing gently on the ground
And it’s like the world is a new place
The silence that seem to always accompany it can be a much welcomed thing when your mind is in such a storm of a different kind

Sometimes it’s not just your mind
Your body your heart your soul
could feel as if is can be no more
Oh how you wish in that moment
with the fresh snow sprinkled that your life was different as well

Grand the idea may be, when you feel as if the world you are in is gone and there seems to be no hope

But just know love that even though you may think the happiness you want is there just hidden beneath and waiting for you to seek it

But don’t freight my dear, for you will not be alone. For this bond that we share seems too strong to go.

It may be difficult and gloom but Throughout time and space, to infinity and beyond, I will be here for you.

Handle your adversity, Rise to the challenges that lay before you. Don’t let all that you have worked for in this life just melt away just as the snow does in the sun. Make it shine, make it gleam, make it be a mighty thing for all too see

For that’s what life about that despite all that occurs, you stand up and make it your own. But to be also enjoy what little moments of peace you do achieve despite it all…just as the peace of the snow has brought to you this day.

~venus h

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