The Little Achievements in Life


Today I had an excellent day despite a record setting 17 migraines the most I’ve ever had! The longest break in between them was 14 minutes according to my journal and I was forced to wear my Axon Optics FL-41 tinted sunglasses all day long. The reason today was excellent was because I achieved some of my chores. As you all know for spoonies it’s difficult to achieve such a thing, we can’t do much with so little energy and man today I pushed it but I really did excellent work!

I wrote an article earlier today with severely painful hands nearly in tears by the end of typing the tags for my blog to enter the article. It was hard but I achieved that, that’s something I do every day though. I also went to the rheumatologist who gave us mediocre news basically saying he doesn’t yet know whether my leg paralyzation will last for weeks or for life but I dealt with it emotionally very well so that was an achievement! Then I actually had the energy to go to the bank and get my card renewed because I didn’t know it had been disabled when Home Depot got hacked and hadn’t used the card in a while. I had a lot of trouble making it out of the car and into the bank but I made it and got my new card so that was yet another small achievement today. I then had the energy in my voice to talk to fellow advocate Teri Robert on the phone for almost an hour! We spoke about AHMA, the conference, how I could help out, and our lives in general it was so very enjoyable to hear from her. I also spoke to advocate Dawn Gibson over Facebook and we decided to try and collaborate on an upcoming project after talking for a while about our lives. Talking to those two women was very inspiring and really uplifting making me less depressed. I feel much more respect like we’re on more of an equal playing field and less like others look down upon me because I’m so new to the community. Lastly I managed to eat dinner, which is rare for me to eat an entire homemade meal, that was a blessing, and I truly enjoyed the home cooking so thank you Mom. All those small achievements add up and at the end of the day I can look at myself and say I achieved something. I’m glad to have done something because it’s not in my nature to be lazy.

I really enjoyed writing this it made me appreciate all the small things in life. Even though I can’t use my legs right now I still have so much more than most people I shouldn’t complain on a day like this. Look at all I achieved and all without the use of my silly legs and who knows hopefully they work again in 2-4 weeks! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great night, sorry for the late post I know most of you will see this in the morning but I just had to write this tonight and post it whilst relevant!

3 thoughts on “The Little Achievements in Life

  1. Hi Mike – I am your grandfather Harry’s first cousin (our fathers were brothers) and follow your progress with great interest and always wish you the best. Sounds like you have so much to contend with, but have a great attitude. I live in PA and have 3 married kids ages 54, 51 and 46 and 7 grandchildren, all within 20 miles here in Bucks Co. Lost my husband several years ago and am a retired school speech therapist. So, keep up the good work, and I’ll keep pulling for you. Your second cousin (or something like that) Doris Woodrow

    • I am so happy to hear from you and would love to meet you someday. Harry is my favorite easily one of my favorite family members. He spoils me and loves me to death. I hope he sees your comment I bet he’d be ecstatic he reads this blog as well!

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