Migraine with Aura and Vision


Do you have Migraines with aura’s if so how do they affect your life? I know mine sure get in the way of living a normal life. Particularly with the sorts of visual aura’s that can come with migraine. Often one has to see a Neuropthamologist for these sorts of issues and that’s a good idea for sure.

I can’t stand migraine aura they’ve prevented me from doing a lot of things in my life, The most substantial by far may be missing out on the experience of driving, I only drove a handful of times before college and after college the day of my text I had a 10/10 migraine and couldn’t see so I had to cancel. Since I have only gotten worse and now I suffer terrible double vision, which is one reason, why it takes me so long to type a short article. I have to make so many corrections to the spelling because I hit the wrong keys that it becomes severely frustrating. I often see two laptops and have to work out which is the real one so I can attempt to hit the correct keys.

I also get blurry vision and dots or slashes as well which often happens whilst at lectures or watching TV. During lectures it angers me because it prevents me from taking accurate notes so I have to hand my notebook over to my caregiver. I take notes at every lecture I go to because I like to remember them I’ll be taking notes at the next Vasculitis Foundation International Conference in Florida and American Headache and Migraine Association Conference in DC too. I just hate having to rely on others this really bothers me when I am live tweeting especially, no I’m not paid to do it but I enjoy it. I like to spread the information I am receiving throughout the Internet and social media as quickly as possible and that’s live tweeting. Instead of waiting for my full review of the conference people can get the main points immediately and that brings great joy to me when the blurry aura isn’t affecting me.

Aura’s can be devastating to one’s life and as you can see even disrupt one’s advocacy as it has done to me at times. It can disrupt one at school taking notes; it’s just plain annoying in one’s life period. I hope those of you with aura do grow out of your migraines as some neurologists say you do. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a pain and migraine aura free day!

2 thoughts on “Migraine with Aura and Vision

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