The Migraine That Just Won’t Go Away


Have you ever had that migraine that just wont recede no matter what you try? Ice packs, heating pads, different medications, and none of it works at all? So painful you end up satisfied with a blanket and a nice pillow to lie on whilst you curl up in a dark or shaded area; with very little to no noise and very few aromas to bother you. I think we’ve all been there, as migraineurs especially if you’ve ever been chronic at one point in your life or been diagnosed with status migrainosus for a period of time then you truly understand.

These are the migraines that taunt you in your nightmares, the ones we remember because they’re so stubborn they won’t leave for anything. Typically we fight them until we either become exhausted and fall asleep despite the pain, or something finally works say an emergency triptan injection, but we’re limited to the amount of those we can utilize. So most of us endure this torture whether episodic once or twice a year or chronic like me now where I suffer this pain every waking minute of my life. I no longer hide from the pain but try to draw creativity from it when my brain isn’t too jumbled to think. I am just so used to it, but the ones that won’t go away still frustrate me because I don’t get a break. Neither do you so I recommend getting comfortable and heading to a dark room where you have little noise or light. You need to also get comfortable if you have a caregiver ask them to check in every 30 minutes or so and not to talk just to open the door and tap lightly. If you need water or something like an energy drink to try and abort the migraine again just ask. If you don’t need anything just say no thank you or tilt your head no and go back to resting on your comfy bed or couch or wherever you enjoy resting.

The point is to be wherever is most comfortable for you and relax, maybe if you aren’t sensitive to sound play some soothing music, I personally like to listen to cello or violin based songs whilst I’m not sensitive to sounds it relaxes me a lot. Apply icy hot or a relaxing lotion to your back as those muscles will tighten up and this will help you, you may even find the feeling immediately soothing. Lastly ask for an ice pack for your head, neck, and eyes. This will also be soothing to you and it’ll really help with the pain. I personally like 3-4 pillows and one under my knees, then to lay on the couch with my dog eyes closed and the TV on low with ice packs on all over as I mentioned. I’m not saying this will work for everyone but please do try it if you haven’t already. It may make the difference between truly suffering and being able to tolerate even the worst migraines.

I sure hope some of you have got something form this article; I know a lot of you already do what I’ve recommended. However you need to know that it is ok not to be embarrassed or thin you’re the only one. We all do this and it’s ok we’re in pain, we need to avoid it somehow and this is how we do so. I appreciate chronic illness patients as people even if they are rude to me because I know the pain has changed them. They may not have always been bitter, king, or even caring, pain certainly has changed me but for the better. So I can thank this dreadful illness for one thing! Thank you for reading and I enjoyed writing this I’ll see you all tomorrow with more articles, hopefully some poetry, and work hard on my books as I do every day now.

2 thoughts on “The Migraine That Just Won’t Go Away

  1. You are not alone. I’ve been in this boat for almost 4 years now. It’s hard to imagine becoming accustomed to something so rattling, but life must go on somehow, even from a dark room. I’m at least at the point I no longer need a constant caregiver. I can get up and down from bed on my own.
    I’ve had chronic pain for 10 years, but the ongoing never-ending migraine and clusters from any noise or bright light- I find takes the cake. It’s chronic pain of the brain. And the brain is who we are. They really have got to do better with diagnosis and also treatments.
    I find that you and I have a lot of the same coping mechanisms, except for music (sound), so I enjoy your articles a lot. Thank you for taking the time and energy to write. I know how difficult it can be through a migraine.
    Take care.

    • I appreciate you taking the time to comment and yes we’re very alike even in timeline I’m at almost 4 years of daily constant migraines too and it’s a real bother. The cluster headaches take the cake though those can be deadly and I am always dreading the next attack!

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